In A Good Way

In A Good Way



Genres: Drama

Country: South Korea

Release Year: 2014



During the summer of 1995, childhood friends Lin Jia En (Ren) and Zheng Ren Wei (Jay Shih) from a small town in Pingtung, takes their college entrance exam together. Jia En plans to choose a college near home, while Ren Wei wants to use college as an opportunity to move to Taipei where life seems more exciting. To Jia En's surprise, who has always been a good student and had better grades then Ren Wei, she fails her exam while Ren Wei passes. Soon Ren Wei packs off to Taipei to attend the college of his choosing.  Jia En becomes bored at home waiting to retake the entrance exam. While trying to contact Ren Wei to see how he's doing in Taipei, she becomes impatient waiting for him to callback. Bored to extreme, she takes out her savings and buys a train ticket to Taipei without letting her parents know. Her plans for a fun day in Taipei is ruined when she is robbed of her belongs while browsing through the big city. With no money and no one knowing she is in Taipei she heads to find the only person she knows in the city, Ren Wei.  At Ren Wei's college she is in awe of the vibrant life style at the college campus. While walking around the campus, the basketball court gets her attention when a crowd is cheering on someone making consecutive shots. Jia En looks on from afar, but as she's about to walk away a Pomeranian dog runs her way chasing after the basketball. Jia En sees the dog and pets him. When the dogs owner comes her way to retrieve the ball and dog, the two have a brief encounter and walk away.  While trying to look for Ren Wei, Jia En reads the wrong dorm room building and number. She goes to that building to wait for Ren Wei. Feeling uneasy being glanced at in the boys dorm she waits inside the room and falls asleep. When the real occupant of the dorm room returns he becomes startled at upon finding Jia En in his room. Soon Jia En recognizes that he is the boy and dog owner she had encountered at the basketball court earlier, Liu Shan Feng (Lego Li) .  Shan Feng is the big man on campus who is not only athletic, rich and kind but also smart with a high IQ. After Jia En explains her situation he lets her go, but later that night takes pity on her when he sees her drenched in the pouring rain for hours waiting for her friend. He takes her in that night. The two soon become acquainted and friends when he stands up for her. The two later embark on a romance together, but their relationship is interrupted when Shan Feng's family shady past comes back to haunt his family.  With his father charged in illegal government dealings, Shan Feng disappears from school and Jia En's life, only to reappear one year later at his father's court trial. However no one is able to help his father when his father is overwhelmingly accused by former associates who wants to bring him down. Knowing his father is not fully guilty with all the crimes he has been charged with, Shan Feng and his father's attorney tries to help him but Shan Feng's father refuse to divulge anything, afraid that it will ruin Shan Feng's future. Shan Feng ask for his father's trust and later becomes his attorney. Knowing fighting for his father's innocence will take years, Shan Feng breaks up with Jia En as not to be the burden that holds her back from following her own dreams to study abroad.  On the day Jia En leaves to study abroad, Ren Wei comes clean to Jia En that he switched their exams that's why Jin En had a failed exam. Instead of getting mad she thanks Ren Wei for giving her the chance to meet Shan Feng. One year later Jia En is in England writing letters home to her family and friends letting them know how she has changed and how she is doing. One of the letter is for Shan Feng. As he receives the letter and sees who it is from he gives off a sentimental smile


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